Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Other than perhaps a few elite media moguls, most people understand that the instinct to share music is natural and an essential part of our humanity.  It started at the dawn of humanity when a Neanderthal named Grog invited his pals over to hear the crazy beats he discovered while banging on some mammoth bones in his cave, and continues today with people like myself sharing exciting new sounds over the Internet with friends.

One person who totally understands the pure and unadulterated joy of sharing music is my friend Sean Wraight. I have known Sean for a few years online and had the privilege of being in his company last October. Sean is great, he won't accept that you simply like a song but wants to know the real story behind it, and of course more often than not there is one.

Sean takes sharing music to a whole other level. I have been fortunate enough on a few occasions now to be a lucky recipient of one of his thoughtfully curated musical packages.  The effort he takes to out together a collection of songs and videos is breathtaking.

Sean fundamentally understands not only the joy of unearthing new musical discoveries, but the value of sharing it with others in a way that includes a very personalized finger print . He creates pieces of art that go beyond the functionality of being simply a place to hold your music.

The accompanying photos, sleeves, words and container for the music become inextricably linked with the experience of listening to it. I can't listen to one of his collections without thinking of the greater narrative thread and the aesthetics that are attached to it.

This post is my long overdue way of showing my appreciation for Sean. In age of digital abundance where you can link to a sample of almost anything you want to hear, Sean has reestablished for me a real appreciation for something that goes beyond a collection of files on a hard drive. He has created something that is unique and reflective of a distinct personality, turning a number of smaller components into a cohesive and greater whole.

He has created something truly unique and personal, something you can hold in your hands and engage with on a number of levels as a more holistic sensory experience. Something magical!

Thank you Sean


Allison said...

Hear, hear!

Great post Matthew.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a lovely tribute to our favourite music nerd/compendium artist! His generous parcels of music, art, words (and often candy) are truly a celebration of the senses.

Nicely done, Matthew.

Sean Wraight said...

I've been meaning to thank you for this lovely little tribute Matthew. So, thank you.

I so hope you are able to draw some inspiration from the music and art compiled therein. My greatest desire is that it will somehow inspire more art. That has always been a prime motivator. I look forward, as well to the day when we can all truly collaborate on something. Now that would be the most amazing thing ever I would think.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the package Matthew.

Creatively yours,

Westcoast Walker said...

Hey Sean - thanks - I wanted to find some way of showing my appreciation. It did indeed inspire and I would totally love to collaborate on something, let's keep the dialogue going and I am sure something great will emerge.