Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Can you relate to the following symptomology;
  • your heart rate quickens 
  • sudden inexplicable euphoria
  • difficulty keeping track of time
  • fixation on circular objects
  • intense craving for auditory stimuli
Fear not, for you are not alone.  I also experience a sense of awe, wonder and mood elevation upon entering the threshold of a place that still sells physical music.  The symmetrical rows of vinyl and CDs send me into a giddy tailspin of manic joy. 

 Each vinyl treasure or hard to find CD is like an artifact waiting to be unearthed and explored. I am frequently guilty of tearing open the packaging before I get home in order to try and unlock some of the secrets found within, throwing any restraint or sense of delayed gratification out the window. I am often convinced each time that there is something revelatory in the liner notes that warrants immediate perusal.

In this age of digital abundance this experience can even be more meaningful. As our connection to physical objects becomes increasingly tenuous there is something special about something that is as context specific and multifaceted as an LP; the potential for auditory, tactile and aesthetic interaction from one object can be very gratifying.

It's a simple pleasure, the power of which shouldn't be dismissed or underestimate from my point of view.  My record purchasing sojourns aren't as common as they used to be, but when they do happen I experience a sense of joy over the promise of something that is at times quite magical.

Do you experience any symptoms?

(a big ol' shout-out to fine folks at Yep Roc Records for posting this Peanuts comic strip and providing further inspiration)


    Barbara Bruederlin said...

    I experience all of the above symptoms, and you know what, I'm happy if science never discovers a cure! And the experience just isn't complete without a thorough scrutiny of the liner notes. Which is why I can never really embrace digital.

    Westcoast Walker said...

    I think we should start a support group, which basically involves going to record stores more frequently in order to prolong our euphoria